Updated Modern London Flat With Industrial Atmosphere



Check out this modern London flat which is located in a building which was before a commercial area. The design was made by Callende Howorth is an update of quite large flat. The owners of this flat wants an atmosphere of a big modern city like New York, so the designers tries to bring that atmosphere in this flat with the presence of large spaces and high ceilings making the flat feel more modern.

The architects explained that they had to remove the walls of the flat to add more space to the interior. They also showcased some bricks on the walls to bring up an industrial atmosphere to the modern London flat so that it resembles more to a type New York style flat.

The basic color theme of this flat is a white modern apartment, which adds a modern feeling to the overall design, this added with more colors from the furniture and artistic decorations makes a beautiful art gallery type of industrial atmosphere to the flat.

Every area in the house are separated by a divider made from glass with addition of stylish framing made from steel. The interior design of this modern London flat is designed quite simple, modern, and industrial, but in a way the designers managed to make certain areas very comfy, warm, and worth living.

The modern flat fits very well the style of the area that flat is located. The location of this penthouse which is in an area called Shoreditch in London is known to be a quite modern and up-to-the-minute area.

If you want to more about this amazing modern London flat, you can visit the designer’s website here: Callender Howorth Interior Design

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