Unique Cabinet in a Safe Vault Style



Check out this very unique cabinet design that we just found. This artistic cabinet was designed by Scott Jarvie and is named ‘The Safe Cabinet.’ Yes, from the pictures here you can see why it’s called the safe cabinet. This cabinet tries to replicate the design and works like a safe vault.

The shelving in this creative cabinet design is fully adjustable, making it very easy for you to manage your belongings in the unique cabinet. This design will fit in nowadays contemporary designs that often features unique out-of-the-box ideas. This may look a bit off for most traditional houses, but of course that is not the target of the designer who created this wonderful piece of art.


Although it doesn’t function like a real safe vault, which indeed will  have maximum security and will not be easy to open, but this cabinet design has a similar technique to open and close it using a central hand wheel. The steel and gear design on the front of the cabinet looks like a lock mechanism for the safe cabinet which looks really good for the authenticity of the ‘safe vault’ mechanism applied to the unique cabinet.

The design is not only unique and attractive, but is also very complicated and artistic. Scott Javie here chose to use light colored materials such as light brown wood, stainless steel, and aluminium, which creates an atmosphere that suits the minimalist interior designs.



This is the mechanic how the cabinet door is operated to open or close. Just spin the wheel and you’ll open the cabinet. Very simple but fun way to open your cabinet door.


The shelving can store pretty much items as it is quite spacious and is divided into three levels.


The nobs here can determine the height of each shelves.


From outside we can how firm and modern this cabinet is, not to mention very unique and artistic.


When the door is opened you can see how spacious this cabinet is. With three levels of shelves which could help you organize your belongings better, this cabinet not only looks great but have a good functionality.

Well, if you need more information on this amazing unique cabinet design, you can visit the designer’s website here: delupo

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