Stunning Transparent Side Table with Artistic Bubble Decoration by Liana Yaroslavsky


Artistic transparent side table design

Take a look at this transparent side table design that we recently came across to. From a distance, this side table looks a drinking glass serving sparkling water with all its bubbles coming from the surface trying to get out. Well, this is certainly not a drinking glass, this a side table, a very unique and artistic side table design.

A side table is usually known to be a type of table that is placed beside the walls, but in this case this remarkable side table does not necessarily needs you to place it right beside a wall because the design of this table makes it very versatile where you can place it anywhere you want to add beauty to your home interior design.

Transparent side table with bubble led balls

This beautifully designed transparent side table is named the ‘O2 Variation’. Designed by Russian born Lost Angeles based designer Liana Yaroslavsky, this amazing side table was produced by Twentieth Gallery showroom in Lase Angeles, California.

This table is just fantastic. The bottom base of this table is round and firm made from solid steel which gives a strong sense of for the table’s foundation.  The round bottom goes up followed by a crystal-clear glass and topped with the same round from as the bottom, but this time with a transparent glass where you can see inside the table.

The table is made transparent for people to see the art inside the table itself.  Yes, you can see from the pictures we provided here that the main decoration of the table is inside the table with all the round shape LED lights acting as floating bubbles inside the table.


This design is just simply beautiful with its crystal like round balls hanging inside the table and giving us a floating effect which makes the design look more complicated. If you look closer at the pictures here you can see that there much smaller balls inside the big ones. This just adds more dimension to the already artistic transparent side table design.

This table has just the right size which to fit in any modern small or medium house. It also will fit in more spacious rooms as it has the design to fit any types of room designs. This outstanding side table has a dimension of 400 x 450 mm.

Transparent-Side-Table-4 Transparent-Side-Table-5

The transparent side table is also very versatile as you can use it for various different purposes. You can place it where ever you want be it in the living room, dining room, or may be in your bedroom, there is always a place that fits this remarkable table design.

Overall, this side table just looks simple, artistic, modern, sleek, and minimalist. It will suit any modern houses nowadays and will add an artistic touch to the house.

If you want to know more about this stunning artistic transparent side table design, you can visit the designer’s website here: lianayar

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