Simple Modern Side Table with Charger Outlet Included



Simple and elegant, but what stands out is in functionality with it charger outlet included in this modern side table.

Hello guys, just check out this wonderful side table design that we think you would really like as well, cause we do! It’s small, the design is simple, but it has a feature that we think you guys will love.

This table was designed by Luca Nichetto, and is produced by ZAOZUO. The design is not too complicated so it won’t be to hard to fit these babies into any type of modern home interior designs today.

There are two colors to choose from, you can either have a red maroon table or a white solid white one depending on which on you like most.

This modern side table is quite versatile as you can place it literally almost anywhere in will fit and function perfectly. You can place it in the living room, beside your bed, in the kitchen, or even outdoors on your porch or around you garden or pool, you can put it anywhere you want.

Besides being able to place the table in different places, this table can also be used for different purposes. Use it as a coffee table, or just to put books and other belongings its you choice.

If you need more information on this outstanding modern side table, you can visit the producer’s website here.


This whit side table design will fit perfectly in a room with darker surroundings


The outlet included in the table is very useful to hide cables weather it is for a charger or for your table lamp


With its simple modern design, this side table will fit perfectly for most modern interior designs

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