Plank Bed, A Simple Natural Wooden Bed Design For Your Modern Home


Weather it is a modern glass design or natural wooden bed design, having the right bed design could be essential and needs to be though out to get best combination for you bedroom. I know you probably would agree with me when I say the most important thing about bedding is the mattress where we can lay down, rest, and relax our body at night.  But how about the bed design? If you care about your how the interior of your house looks, than this is very important as well.

Choosing the right bed to match the bedroom theme and design maybe a quite difficult task for many people. Deciding weather to buy a bed or not will be a very confusing moment as there are so many aspects to consider before making a choice on a certain design.

The easiest way for you who are not quite sure about this is to use a versatile design. Maybe one that suits a modern interior theme and even natural and traditional themes. Well, I have a perfect example for you!

I found a very unique bed design which is a natural wooden bed design, with a taste of modernity in it’s design. The bed was designed by Craig Monroe, a 3D modeler and designer with is applied perfectly in his works and concepts. You can find out more about him and find various other great designs in his website here.

Plank Bed 1

From the picture above you can see, how simple this bed looks. The design is easy on the eye with combination of rough and curved edges which makes it look solid and classy at the same time.

The layers of woods provide colour gradations which adds the beauty of the dark brown combination of colours from the wood used to create this beautiful bed design.

The combination of color of the bed and the mattress is spot on. No need for too much contrast as the natural colors blend well together making it look just right.

Plank Bed 2

Here you can see the bed design from up top. You can see the rough edges of the wood from the top of the headboard. The rough wooden material gives it a very natural touch which is combined with very modern design. The white matures combined with dark brown bed cover blends perfectly with the natural wooden bed design.

From up top you can also see how this bed has just the right size. Which suits couples and even for single people.

Plank Bed 3

The picture above is the natural wooden bed design from behind. Here you can see how the headboard of the bed is not too tall, which makes the design quite elegant.

On the bottom side of the bed you can see that it has space for us to place goods like magazines, or maybe safe spot for you to place your wallet and keys so that you always remember where you put them.

The design is clean and simple, and the natural wooden lines pattern brings us back to nature despite it having a very unique contemporary form.

So, those are some fantastic pictures of this wonderful natural wooden bed design, created by Craig Monroe. The simplicity of the design only adds it value as it can fit perfectly in various environment and themes. If you are interested to know more about this tremendous bed design, you can visit Craig Monroe’s website and contact him for more details about the product.  You can visit his page about this bed here.

Below you can see more pictures of this fantastic work. Here some 3D models of the natural wooden bed design created by Craig Monroe:

Plank Bed 4

Plank Bed 5 Plank Bed 6 Plank Bed 7

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