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Unique Cabinet in a Safe Vault Style


Check out this very unique cabinet design that we just found. This artistic cabinet was designed by Scott Jarvie and is named ‘The Safe Cabinet.’ Yes, from the pictures here you can see why it’s called the safe cabinet....

Awesome Modern House on a Steep Landscape


Check out this fantastic modern house design that is located on a very steep landscape which makes it look unique and attractive. This house is named the DLW House, and was designed by Westphal & Kosciuk Architects. 

Beautiful Villa Design with Pool and Near by Pond


This here could be a dream house for most of you. Yes, this summer villa is magnificent in all its beauty. Every inch of this villa just makes us envy as it’s just perfect for a summer villa with...

Modern Furniture Collection with Cool Lighting Display


Check out this cool furniture collection design called the ULM which was designed by Ramón Esteve and produced by Vondom. The various collection of furniture (mainly for outdoor pursposes) combines well as a one unit of furniture with its modern looks. The collections...

Awesome Sofa Design With Color Gradation


If you’re looking for a dark colored sofa, then you have to check out this awesome sofa design with gradation. This cool sofa will look stunning if placed in a modern interior concept, especially if you have a black...

Simple Modern Side Table with Charger Outlet Included


Simple and elegant, but what stands out is in functionality with it charger outlet included in this modern side table. Hello guys, just check out this wonderful side table design that we think you would really like as well,...

Modern Black House Design With Wooden Accent


Take a look at this black house that shows a sophisticated modern home design that we recently came across to. Usually contemporary homes use light colored themes to make it look bright, shiny, and modern, but this house right here...

Jazzy Simple Chair Design, Lucky 906 by Tonon


Have a look at this outstanding simple chair design the we just found. Yes, it is simple, jazzy, smartly designed and could be utilized and used for various purposes and will fit to most types of room or interior designs...

Comfortable Blue Modern Navy Sofa Design For Contemporary Homes

simple modern blue sofa

Check out this amazing modern navy sofa design that we just found. This beautifully designed sofa is called the Tandom Navy Sofa, and was designed by CB2. This design is very simple but will fit in any modern homes today....

Stunning Transparent Side Table with Artistic Bubble Decoration by Liana Yaroslavsky

Artistic transparent side table design

Take a look at this transparent side table design that we recently came across to. From a distance, this side table looks a drinking glass serving sparkling water with all its bubbles coming from the surface trying to get...

Modern Home in Vietnam Utilizing Small Space

Modern Home in Vietnam Utilizing Small Space13

Take a look at this amazing home design that we recently just found. This brilliant architecture idea comes from a country in the south east Asia region which is, Vietnam. The house was designed by a company called Kientruc...

Modern Chrome Showerhead Design by California Faucets

Modern Chrome Showerhead Design by California Faucets1

Take a look at this modern very good looking showerhead design. The large square showerhead will give you the best experience of showering as it can cover the whole are of your body without having to manually shifting it...

Artistic Wooden Lantern Lamp Design For Your Modern Home

Artistic Wooden Lantern Lamp Design For Your Modern Home 4

Take a look at this modern lantern lamp design that we recently found. You might find this lantern lamp design quite familiar because it resembles the design of the old days oil lamps that you certainly no longer can... © 2005-2014 Privacy Policy - Terms Of Use - Check/do opt-out - Powered By Histats