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Looking for an office interior design idea? Well you’ve come to the right place. Here we want to show you an example of an awesome interior idea for an office. This is mainly designed for a media agency office, but of course can be used for any other fields as well.

The office was designed by i29 Interior Architects in collaborations with VMX Architects. This design was made as a project for a media agency based in Amsterdam, Holland. The design it self did a great job in getting the most of the surroundings of the office area. The media agency itself is located right next to sea with great view of the harbor with big ships docking. The installment of large windows facing the sea just gets the best of the view outside.

This amazing office interior design has a quite obvious industrial taste with its raw concrete walls and floors, dark colors themes and the combinations of chrome and metal. The addition of wood and black furniture may make it feel cold for some people, but it just adds to the modern industrial flat feel the office has.

The designers did a great job in making the area very spacious by placing large long desks for the workers to work in a line without having to pack the office with small individual desks which will only eat up too much space in the work place.

Below you can see more pictures of this amazing modern industrial office design, which can add some inspiration for you to create or redesign your office interior.

Industrial office interior design


Here is the main lobby of the office where the receptionist desk is located. Behind it you can see large glass window panels overlooking the dutch sea with its beautiful surroundings.


Concrete floors and walls, combined with light brown wooden desks and dark brown blackish shelves works together perfectly to bring up an industrial style of office interior design.


Above you can see a very unique wall decoration of an giant artistic photograph built on the walls adding a bit of variation to the office design.


Large pipes are exposed on the ceilings which adds the modern industrial atmosphere. With hanging long lamps from the ceiling this work space is very unique.


This area here adds a more contemporary concept with its black and white theme bringing us a very different side of the office interior design compared to the industrial side of the design with saw earlier.


Here’s another angle of the contemporary design area of the office. It’s like looking at to different pictures cut in half and combined in the middle. The two contrast between white and black is simply amazing.


The two large long desks are divided by a simple long wooden divider which is not too tall making it just the right size without making the area loose too much space.


The hanging lamp is just above the chair and desk making the area bright enough for the employees to work comfortably despite of the large space and high ceilings the office has.


From the outside of the building you can see above how the large windows creates a mirror effects so that people cannot see inside the building from outside despite of the large window panels installed in the office.

So that was the industrial office interior design idea that hopefully can help you get inspired and adds more ideas to help you create a similar atmosphere that you are searching for. If you need more information on this office interior design you can visit the architects website on i29 Interior Architects and VMX Architects.

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