Neat Small Two Story Apartment in France



Check out this tiny two story apartment located in the city of Bordeaux in France. The small apartment is on a stone building in the city. This amazing apartment was designed by architecture company L’actelier miel. And it was not easy for them to create an atmosphere to make this apartment feel big despite of its small size.

This apartment is quite bright with lights coming from outside making it look alive and healthy where ten windows is installed in the house making the home interior design stand out. The flooring looks natural and clean with chestnut wood as the main color which match perfectly with the large shelves that the house has that are also using wood color materials.

The rooms are separated very well by the designers here. The working area, bedroom, and dining room are separated in different levels in the house. As said before the house has many large book shelves that are the main decoration of the walls in this house. Whats more interesting is the combination of functions within the bookshelves, tables, storage, making it versatile area for different tasks.

Well, if you need more information on this wonderful small apartment design, you visit the designers website here. Check out more photos by Mickaël Martins Afonso below!

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