Modern Taiwanese Apartment With Nice Garden



Check out this awesome apartment designed by Ospace Architects. This four story residence is located in Changua, Taiwain, and was built in around the year 2014. The building has a unique triangle form, which is quite different to your usual apartment design with irregular shapes. The designers came with the idea to of the two building concepts in the area.

The idea was first caught from the the rocks in the Zhangjiajie area, which made the designers created this wonderful building from stone shaped into a great architectural beauty. The shapes and form of this modern apartment design follows the counter of the stone carving.

Making this building is of course very challenging for the architects. Creating different atmospheres between floors and rooms needs much attention to details to create a distinct feel between them.

The hot weather in the area is countered with the installment of a swimming pool and nice natural garden which will add natural atmosphere and greenery to cool down the area. The open space will provide wind and air to enter the building and provide natural ventilation for the residence.

If you are interested to know more about this wonderful apartment concept, you can visit the designer’s website here: Ospace Architects

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