Modern Mountain Snow Lodge in Canada with Stand Out Design



Designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, this remarkable modern mountain snow lodge located in British Columbia is certainly a design to remember. This amazing ski lodge is named the Kicking Horse Residence, and can be easily spotted as it has a quite bold stand out design. This lodge is quite large as the people who owns this residence wanted to have a place large enough to fit in plenty of their guests and friends. The outstanding snow lodge is a perfect place for scenery hunting as it is located with beautiful surroundings of the forest with it’s white snow in this time of the year.

There are two main buildings of this home. One of which is the sleeping area and the washing/bath room which stands above the garage of the house. The unique shapes that the house has is quite astonishing and brave in its mission to create a certain atmosphere which brings modernity but also brings warmth and coziness for the people living it it.

The other main building of the house is where the kitchen area is located, which also includes a nice open dining room and a comfortable living area to relax and spend time together, as it is warm and cozy with its fireplace. This place has amazing views to the surrounding snow forest and mountains. It is also equipped with ski trails for the owners and friends to have a nice ski day outside.

The location of this mountain hut is not far away from a ski resort which is a perfect way to have fun in the winter season. This house is no doubt one of our favorite ski lodge that we have seen recently. If you also agree with us and want to know more about this cool snow hut, you visit the designer’s websites here:

Photography by Nic Lehoux courtesy of Residential Architect

Designer: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

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