Modern House with Traditional Elements in Colorado


Modern House with Traditional Elements in Colorado1

Now this is a really nice house design that quit stands out from the houses besides it with its remarkable dark color. The modern house with traditional elements is basically made from dark wood materials, three stories high including a loft. The second floor terrace looks like an amazing place to relax and get some sun.

The size of the house is not to wide, but is quite large with the height that it has. From outside we can see how the house has a lot of windows installed, which means that the atmosphere inside will not be as dark as the colors outside of the house. Sun light will come in from different angles of the house to make the interior side of the house bright and more alive.

Modern House with Traditional Elements in Colorado2

From up front we can see how the houses in the neighborhood is not provided with a front yard, so the house needs to create an environmental atmosphere strait away from the sidewalks. From the picture above taken by Chibi Moku we can see some small trees, bushes and flowers are there to bring a little bit of natural atmosphere oft he front porch.

We can see two large windows on the front area of the house, and another on the loft. Wood materials covers the walls of the whole house, with a lighter color on the loft area and the front main door.

Modern House with Traditional Elements in Colorado3

This is the living room area of the house, and as you can see it is located in the second floor of the house. Nice comfortable brown sofas and seats on a fuzzy blue carpet provides the perfect atmosphere to relax with families and friends.

There so many windows in this room that you can get a great view of the outside environment of the house. There are even windows on the lower area of the ceiling to get more light from above making the living room area more bright and warm.

The white walls and doors fits nicely with the dark wood colors of the pillars of the room.

Modern House with Traditional Elements in Colorado4

The dining area of the house looks very sleek and neat. The Small round wooden table fits perfectly in the area with its wooden chair with orange cushions. The lamp hanging above the table has a very unique design which adds the aesthetic elements of the dining room.

We can see here there are many decorations and photographs on the wall which makes the area more warm and family friendly. The wooden floor match perfectly with the ceilings and other wooden objects making the area look fantastic.

Modern House with Traditional Elements in Colorado5

In the kitchen area, the wood material no longer dominates the interior design. Chrome and metal atmosphere seems to be the highlight of the cooking area with dominance coming from the refrigerator and cooking counters.

The wooden table in the center area though gives a unique natural touch in the area.

Modern House with Traditional Elements in Colorado6

The bathroom of this amazing house also looks very nice indeed. Marble is used to cover up the bathtub, and all the walls including the shower.

Many ornaments and items decorates the walls including Balinese statues to make the bathroom has a sense of the luxury you get in spas.

Modern House with Traditional Elements in Colorado7

Here is the main bedroom of the house, and look how comfortable it looks. Everything about this room just brings the sense of comfort and coziness.

Grey is the main color of the room, and just look at that carpet, makes you want to take of your shoes and walk on it. This room has all the comfort you need in a bedroom.

Modern House with Traditional Elements in Colorado8

The stairs look very good in this house, with wooden steps, chrome railings with glass on the sides it is a mix of natural and modern concept and adds up all the wonderful features the house already has.

Well if you want to know more about this terrific house design you visit the designers website here: Tommy Hein Architects

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