Modern House Renovation in Sao Paolo, Brazil


Architectures really knows how to make a house become astonishing and how about you just take a look at this modern house renovation in Sao Paolo Brazil.

This modern Brazilian home was renovated by Brazilian architecture company, RSRG Arquitetos. You can see from the pictures we provided below how this house is very modern in its design.

Many elements are also added in the interior design to make it blend between the contemporary and natural elements of the house.

The wooden floor used in this house could be the key element to join the modern side of the concept and provide it with natural touches which makes the house look very elegant.

Most parts of the modern house renovation is the color combination of the brown wooden floor and white from the walls and ceilings making the house look very slick.  Check out all the pictures of this home interior design below to see how well designed this house is.

Modern House Renovation in Sao Paolo, Brazil 1

Above you can see the front hall of the house. The front door is all white with unique combination of black color around the door knob.

The design, material, and color looks very industrial yet in another way fits quite well with wooden floor pattern, and the ‘all white’ walls and ceiling.

The all white theme of this area is added with small additions of picture frames, lamp, and lighting which makes it more ‘white’ and sleek.

Modern House Renovation in Sao Paolo, Brazil 2

One stand out feature of this modern house renovation is the view, it has a great view of the city of Sao Paolo. The installment of large windows just adds the satisfaction of getting the beautiful city view from the balcony of the house.

From the picture above you can see an area of the house which looks absolutely comforting. What more do we need to spend the afternoon with some coffee and a perfect view of the beautiful city below.

We can see the wooden floor is very natural with its rough wood texture, but can blend perfectly with the contemporary design of the house.

Modern House Renovation in Sao Paolo, Brazil 3

This part of the house is where the owners can take their guest in. Wooden chairs with comfy cushions looks very well designed as it match perfectly with the simple design of the area.

The view as you can see, just like the picture before, is simply amazing. Helped with the very large windows stretching as far as the room.

What I like most about this area is how simple and minimalist it looks. There is not too much ornaments and decoration which is good. The placement of some plants adds the beauty to the already tidy looking design.


Let us now move to the living area where all you see is comfort and cosiness. Large carpets cover most the floor area to make it warm and cozy, below the two identical large blue sofas that lies across one another.

You can see how the area has lots of lighting to brighten the atmosphere. Pendant lamps are placed neatly around the room adding more brightness to room. There is also a daybed to lay down and just relax.

Modern House Renovation in Sao Paolo, Brazil 6

Check out the TV room where you can relax and watch your favorite TV show, or hang out with the family and watch some DVDs. The layout is simple with a long red sofa, grey carpet, and a lazy armchair.

You can also see how this area of the house also has large windows installed.  Despite not being too spacious, the room feels comfy, which is the most important thing in this modern house renovation.

Modern House Renovation in Sao Paolo, Brazil 7

Here you can see the working space of the house. Like other parts of the house, the area is mixture of contemporary interior design with natural elements brought in from the wooden floor, the rug, and chair.

The tall book shelf lays perfectly across the work desk with floating shelves above it. Looking very neat and sleek.

Modern House Renovation in Sao Paolo, Brazil 8

Here you can see the dining room of the house. The concept and theme is still the same with the rest of the house, which makes it look lovely and not contrasts.

The classic style rectangle shape of the dining table with lots of seats suits the size of the house. The stand out element of this room is certainly the beautiful chandelier hanging from the ceiling, which adds elegance to the dining room.

Modern House Renovation in Sao Paolo, Brazil 9

Here is another area in this modern house renovation which is very sleek and simple. Located right next to the sink, this is a small bar area or a stylish mini bar, where the owners can relax and and have a drink.

The decoration on the walls just makes this simple spot look classy and modern.

Modern House Renovation in Sao Paolo, Brazil 10

Here is the kitchen of the modern house renovation, see how modern and organized it looks. The combination of white and chrome is the key for the contemporary style of the kitchen.

The placement of every component of the kitchen is also well organized, you can see how close and easy to from one place to another, from the fridge to the stove and sink, it’s all made easy for you.

Modern House Renovation in Sao Paolo, Brazil 11

Here is another cozy place for the owners of the house to relax and read a book or watch TV. Two long sofa beds lie across the room for the owners to enjoy their time here.

There is a comfortable armchair located in the corner of the room. The walls are decorated with beautiful paintings so it is not empty.

Modern House Renovation in Sao Paolo, Brazil 12

The master bedroom is again very simple but classy with the combination of the wooden floor and Turkish carpet.

One thing that I might not like about this area is the headboard, and table-drawer located on each side of the bed, which makes it look like a hotel room.

Modern House Renovation in Sao Paolo, Brazil 13

The bathroom area is very clean, sleek, and modern. White dominates the whole area which provides and adds the sense of being clean, which is far most important for a bathroom.

Well, those are all I can share from this amazing project of this house renovation located in Sao Paolo Brazil. The house was renovated back in 2013, but as you can see from the pictures I provided above, the house is as modern as any contemporary style house today.

If you are interested to know more about this modern house renovation project you visit the designer’s website here, or you can contact their email here:

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