Modern Home in Vietnam Utilizing Small Space


Modern Home in Vietnam Utilizing Small Space13

Take a look at this amazing home design that we recently just found. This brilliant architecture idea comes from a country in the south east Asia region which is, Vietnam.

The house was designed by a company called Kientruc o, and they did a very good job in making a small space and utilizing it to create a living space that is decent and comfortable.

The house is named the ‘House 304.’ The house is built above a very small space of land which means that the designers need to make the house rise vertically to create more space for the house.

The house is located in Ho Chi Minh City in vietnam. As a city house it is no surprise that the house had to be built on small space land.

From outside, the house looks like a small building miniature that resembles a tower in the area higher that the buildings and houses around it.

The size of this remarkable building is 11.5 feet by 39 feet. The tall shape makes the the stand out in the environment that it lies on.

This modern house design is indeed a very interesting and challenging quest to create a comfortable and cozy living space in the city of Ho Chi Mihn with the limited space that it provides.

The challenge is not only to create a cozy environment with the limited space provided, but also to make the building healthy with a good ventilation concept to support the house with fresh air.

From the pictures below you can see how high the house is. This had to be done to make the best of the small space that the building lies on.

The high building consists of 5 floors making it look tall like a tower, with stairs connecting each levels of the house. This amazing house has the main areas needed by every modern home.

The bottom floor of the house has the main areas of the house which includes the living room for the family to get together in, the dining room and the kitchen area.

The bedroom area of the house is located in upper floors, specifically the third and fourth floor of the house. The location is important as it is the place we will rest our body after a busy day. While the upper floor holds the office room of the home and the wash room as well.

The simplicity of the concept yet with complex design and ideas to create more space in a narrow area is what makes this home design quite remarkable.

Modern Home in Vietnam Utilizing Small Space1

From up top we can see the beautifully concept tall design of the narrow space of the house. There is a tall hole in the middle of the house where we can see strait through to the bottom floor of the house from the highest level.

The white theme element dominates the house making it look very clean and minimalist to add to its modernity.

Modern Home in Vietnam Utilizing Small Space2

Look how the designers created a special spot to add a natural touch to this modern home design. There is a tree in the living room area which is planted directly to the ground and can grow tall as the ceiling above it is carved open for the tree to grow, the only concern might be the roots when it gets bigger.

On the other side of the living room outside the glass doors, you can also see another tree which points out how the owner and designers creatively combine modernity with nature.

Modern Home in Vietnam Utilizing Small Space6

This picture above is a more clear evidence that the owners of this magnificent home really takes notice of the natural elements of the house. We can see above how in this corner alone, the owners placed real live plants on every floor.

Modern Home in Vietnam Utilizing Small Space7

The railings that functions for security reasons has a quite retro design reminding us of many modern 80’s home design, which gives a unique touch to this outstanding townhouse.

Modern Home in Vietnam Utilizing Small Space9

The bedroom area is clean and simple. Maybe a bit too simple, as it looks like a photo coming out of a hotel room website with only a big white single bed, a table, closet, and cabinet. They can enhance the aesthetic elements and the atmosphere of this bedroom by adding more decoration and some plants to the room.

Modern Home in Vietnam Utilizing Small Space11

Contrary to the one before, this bedroom looks more nice, warmer, and more cozy. The pattern on the bed sheet added with decorations and plants across the room makes the bedroom more alive and comfortable.

Modern Home in Vietnam Utilizing Small Space12 Modern Home in Vietnam Utilizing Small Space14

From outside you can see how the house stands out from the other houses surrounding it. Not only because of its height, but also because of how bright it is. The large windows brings light in during the day, and at night from outside it adds to the beauty of the house design.

Modern Home in Vietnam Utilizing Small Space15

Well, this house just shows us how a very limited space does not entirely mean that you will have a very small house. With the right design and of course the back up of sufficient budget you can still build your dream house despite not owning a large area of land.

If you want to know more about this amazing home design, you can visit the designer’s website here: Kientruc o

*All the photos in this article were taken by: Hiroyuki Oki

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