Modern Furniture Collection with Cool Lighting Display



Check out this cool furniture collection design called the ULM which was designed by Ramón Esteve and produced by Vondom. The various collection of furniture (mainly for outdoor pursposes) combines well as a one unit of furniture with its modern looks. The collections consists of a sofa, chairs, coffee table and a round couch is designed in contemporary fashion which not only looks good, but provides much comfort as well.

One interesting feature of this furniture collection is the built-in lighting that it has. This innovative idea is remarkable concerning it will add aesthetic aspects of the furniture line. The light makes the furniture glows in the dark, and when placed in outdoor areas.

The round couch is very modern with top lid which can be closed when not being in used. The design is very sleek with round edges which makes the furniture collection look more modern. The shape of the bottom area of the furniture also helps to make the furniture more easy to move around.

The functionality of these furniture is great. These furniture collection are very versatile, and despite being designed more as an outdoor furniture, but these furniture will also fit perfectly for any modern home interior design.

The designers here surely managed to provide us with a fantastic furniture collection which not only looks cool and modern but also provides versatility which adds to the value of these furniture.  Check out their whole collection below:

modern-furniture-collection-with-cool-lighting-display-2 modern-furniture-collection-with-cool-lighting-display-3 modern-furniture-collection-with-cool-lighting-display-4 modern-furniture-collection-with-cool-lighting-display-5 modern-furniture-collection-with-cool-lighting-display-6

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