Modern Chrome Showerhead Design by California Faucets


Modern Chrome Showerhead Design by California Faucets1

Take a look at this modern very good looking showerhead design. The large square showerhead will give you the best experience of showering as it can cover the whole are of your body without having to manually shifting it with your hands.

This cool showerhead has a very sleek and innovative design. It is a new product of the StyleFlow design by California Faucets.

The modern showerhead is also not too thick which means that it will not burden to much weight on the handle. The showerhead is specially designed to help you save water. A device inside the shower prevents people to overuse water as it infuses the water with air which recreates the water drops to become fuller although there is no increase in water consumption.

So, not only is this shower fascinating for its modern design, it is also environmentally friendly. The showerhead is equipped with three different styles of shower drops, which are air spray, rain air spray, and massage air spray. This variety will help users with various methods of showering depending on their needs and situation.

Although it can help you conserve water, as mentioned before, it does not mean that this showerhead will lose it’s performance or your showering experience. The large drops means that you can enjoy the water at maxed without having to lose to much water.

Another thing that is very important of course is the design itself, and as you can see for yourself from the pictures here that this shower faucet has a very elegant, thin, and modern design that will look fantastic for your modern bathroom design.


Well, if you want to know more about this fascinating showerhead and shower faucet you can visit the designer’s website here.

Modern Chrome Showerhead Design by California Faucets2 Modern Chrome Showerhead Design by California Faucets3 Modern Chrome Showerhead Design by California Faucets4

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