Modern Black House Design With Wooden Accent


Modern Scandinavian home with black theme and wooden accent

Take a look at this black house that shows a sophisticated modern home design that we recently came across to. Usually contemporary homes use light colored themes to make it look bright, shiny, and modern, but this house right here choose to use a dark theme with black colors dominating the walls combined with a little gray color and wooden accent.

The house is located in a very green surrounding making it a perfect place to raise kids and live a happy family life. The large green lawn surrounding the house not only provides a beautiful surrounding with grass and large spacious play ground area, but it also adds aesthetic element to the beautiful house design which adds value to the house as a whole.

The choice of the designers to give the house a dark theme might sound risky if they didn’t build it correctly, but the architects here proved that dark walls does not always mean that it’s scary. The key factor is the wooden elements decorating the whole house. The combination of dark black and gray walls match perfectly with the wooden colors which shines brightly with its dark surroundings.

At night is where this black house stands out most. The large windows installed makes the light coming from inside the house look beautiful as it shines through and makes the house glows from the dark areas outside. The black walls helps to give a more shiny effect from the lighting inside the house.

The wooden accent used in this house provides balance from the dark black and gray walls. The designers here did an exelent job in choosing natural wood color to proved brightness instead of using bright colors which in the end makes the house look classy and stands in firm dignity.

We hope this could provide you with options and insights if you are planning to buy, build, or renovate a house. Remember that dark black does not always mean gloomy and scary. With the right combination even a black colored house will look classy and elegant with its modern home interior design touch.

modern home with black walls

With a large green front yard, this modern house will be a dream to raise a happy family

Modern house with black painted outside walls

Black walls shows a firm contemporary look with a little wooden accent and some flowers to add beauty touch

Contemporary house design with black walls and wooden windows

At night the light coming from inside the house glows beautifully through the wooden windows and brights up the black house

Modern dark themed house with large windows installment

Large windows and just shows off the modernity of the house at night as we can see straight through from outside

Black style dining room with wooden accent

The dining room is lightened through sunlight as the roofs provide open space for light to come in

Modern black house with wooden features

From up front we can see how the wooden trellis functions not only to decorate, but serves to shield from getting too much sunlight in the house

Contemporary dark house and wooden panels

The combination of solid black colors and brown wooden color match perfectly to create an atmosphere that is not only modern, but also comforting

Modern carport design with wooden panels

The car port is covered by a beautifully designed roof which lets sun slightly through

Modern wooden door house entrance

The entrance of the house is just simple but stunning with the modern wooden door and ceiling to match the dark grayish walls around it

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