Jazzy Simple Chair Design, Lucky 906 by Tonon



Have a look at this outstanding simple chair design the we just found. Yes, it is simple, jazzy, smartly designed and could be utilized and used for various purposes and will fit to most types of room or interior designs nowadays.

This simple chair is designed by German designer Martin Ballendat, who had made numerous of fabulous designs that will blow your mind despite them being not overly complicated. He had been in this business for over 25 years, and is well known for his designs world wide. His company works for more than 10 well known brands from various countries, and personally he had won more than a hundred awards in the designing industry. From the short background of the designer it is obvious that this product here is a must have.

This chair is called the Lucky 906. From the pictures that you can see throughout this article, you will see variety in the designs of this product alone. Mainly the feet of the chair where it differs from one design to another.  This modern chair can be used for various purpose and place. If you have a cafe, bar, small eatery joint, or cafeteria, than you might consider your options in getting this magnificent product. In the other hand, this chair will also fit fine in any modern minimalist homes. You can place them in the kitchen or workplace, living room, or anywhere actually as the design is very versatile which is one of the strongest attribute that the chair has to boost beauty to you home interior design.

The chair comes in various bright colors for you to choose from. There a bright yellow color that looks vibrant and cheerful for creating a warm and friendly atmosphere. There is also a red slightly dark color which is quite elegant and brings up the sense of calming and relaxing state that will arise when you place it in a certain area. And there is also more formal type of grey and dark grey chair, for you who wants a more serious look and surroundings to the area you wish to place the chair.


Now this here is the simple yellow chair design that tonon produced. You can see from the picture above how light and easy the design is which is great for simple minimalist homes or a place to eat which will add colors and happiness to the area.

The yellow seating area is combined with aluminum chair legs which adds to the modernity of the chair design.


The slightly darker red design above shows a different personality from the previous yellow chair which was more cheerful and light. This design here is in a way more serious with its firm red color added with wooden pattern in the legs of the chair. The design is indeed very similar but the choice of color and material provides different atmosphere to the chair design.


This third design is even more serious that the previous two. The grey color of the seating area and the dark wooden pattern and color of the legs states formality of the chair. This chair can be utilized in different manner compared to the more cheerful and bright design of the previous one.

This chair is much more suitable in areas like the office, a waiting room, or you can be more creative by mixing them together with other colors and models.


This here is another example of more formal colors that the producers provided in this design line. Here we can see a grey, dark brown/black, and one that resembles a bronze color. Another noticeable difference that we can immediately see from this design compared to other designs above them is the design of the legs/feet of the chair. This design fits more in an office area with this formal and firm design look.

Well,that was a little bit of review that we could provide for this outstanding product designed by Martin Ballendat. The design is simply perfect for modern homes with minimalist contemporary designs. If you feel you need more information about this product, or you want to purchase it you can visit their website here: Tonon

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