Beautiful Cliff-Side Wooden House in Sweden


This amazing cliff-side wooden house in Sweden is named the ‘Viggsö’. This amazing house has a beautiful view surrounding it it natural landscape of cliffs from tall stone walls with tall trees and a stunning river just below it.

Awesome Modern House on a Steep Landscape


Check out this fantastic modern house design that is located on a very steep landscape which makes it look unique and attractive. This house is named the DLW House, and was designed by Westphal & Kosciuk Architects. 

Beautiful Villa Design with Pool and Near by Pond


This here could be a dream house for most of you. Yes, this summer villa is magnificent in all its beauty. Every inch of this villa just makes us envy as it’s just perfect for a summer villa with...

Modern Black House Design With Wooden Accent


Take a look at this black house that shows a sophisticated modern home design that we recently came across to. Usually contemporary homes use light colored themes to make it look bright, shiny, and modern, but this house right here...

Modern Home in Vietnam Utilizing Small Space

Modern Home in Vietnam Utilizing Small Space13

Take a look at this amazing home design that we recently just found. This brilliant architecture idea comes from a country in the south east Asia region which is, Vietnam. The house was designed by a company called Kientruc...

Modern House with Traditional Elements in Colorado

Modern House with Traditional Elements in Colorado1

Now this is a really nice house design that quit stands out from the houses besides it with its remarkable dark color. The modern house with traditional elements is basically made from dark wood materials, three stories high including...

Modern House Renovation in Sao Paolo, Brazil


Architectures really knows how to make a house become astonishing and how about you just take a look at this modern house renovation in Sao Paolo Brazil. This modern Brazilian home was renovated by Brazilian architecture company, RSRG Arquitetos. You can... © 2005-2014 Privacy Policy - Terms Of Use - Check/do opt-out - Powered By Histats