Cute White and Pink Kids Bunk Bed, Stompa Uo S Plus


Cute White and Pink Kids Bunk Bed, Stompa Uo S Plus 1

Home interior design – Take a look at this very adorable kids bunk bed design that you can get for you angles at home. The bunk bed bring cheerfulness to the kids bedroom with its light fun colors of pink, white, and purple.

One fascinating thing about this bunk bed is that it is detachable, which means that you can split them apart and make them two separate single beds. This is of course important as you children gets older and want to sleep in separate beds or even separate rooms.

Below the lower bed there is a storage to place items like books or toys, or even can function to replace a drawer to place your kid’s clothes. The latter to get to upper bed is strait simple and has a wonderful design to make the kids bunk bed look sleek and simple as a whole, very good work by the designers!    

Cute White and Pink Kids Bunk Bed, Stompa Uo S Plus 2

The light colour of white, pink and purple would easily fit in any type of children bedroom design and theme. You can also combine this bed with modern minimalist themed houses.

This adorable kids bunk bed is made from pine and MDF. The design is mainly focusing not only on aesthetic considerations but most important is the safety for the children. But, parents should also keep in mind that the top bunk are only recommended for children aged 6 years or more, below that age would not be recommended concerning safety matters.

 The mattresses used in this bunk bed is 90cm wide and 200 cm long. While the depth of the mattress should not exceed 15cm on the top bunk, the designers wrote.
Well, if you want to know more about this amazing kids bunk bed, you can visit the designer’s website here.
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