Cool Origami-Like Modern Chair



Check out these amazing modern chair design that can really stand out in a room. The chair will certainly make a strong impression compared to other furniture or designs in the room it is placed in. Here you can see a very modern chair design that will make your home look stunning.

This remarkable modern chair is named the Q5 chair. This cool modern chair is dedicated by the designers to the creator of the geodesic dome, Buckminster Fuller. The base material of this chair is metal-like aluminium alloy, and what is more interesting is that it looks like an origami folded paper.

The triangle shapes of metal are linked to one another forming a contemporary design which will a quite a focal point of in an interior design. The aluminum alloy material makes the chair not only quite strong, but are less heavy than if it was made of metal or wood.

The shape may not look too comfy, but the main point of this chair is not comfort but the amazing modern design that it offers with its bright color combination and geometric shapes and designs which makes this chair really attractive as a contemporary piece of furniture art.

Well you’re interested to know more about this tremendous modern chair, you can visit the designer’s website here: ODESD2

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