Contemporary Baby Rocking Crib With Elegant Design



Tired parents can sleep and relax better while their babies lies comfortably in this contemporary baby rocking crib design by Yves Behar. 

The designer of this modern baby creep states that this smart baby crib is the firs of its kind. This amazing baby crib is named the Snoo Crib, and it is very modern as it has microphones, speakers, and sensors that are installed in the crib. This technology based furniture is amazing as it can detect noise and movement from the baby which will speed up the rocking movement of the crib.

This sophisticated baby rocking crib is also equipped with an app which records the baby’s sleeping pattern which is useful for the parents. The app is integrated to the parent’s cell phones via wi-fi.

The crib is not hot as air flows freely through the side textiles which will allow the baby to feel more comfortable while sleeping. The wooden base of the crib adds a natural profile of this very modern baby crib design, which is all supported by for thin legs which shapes nicely on the bottom of the crib. The crib itself is pretty tall, which is very important so parents can still have a clear view of their babies while they are in bed.

Another important feature of this contemporary baby rocking crib is a baby holder installed inside the crib. The baby can be strapped into a certain comfortable sleeping position which not only provide comfort for the baby but also good for the babies safety while sleeping.

If you’re worried about the health problems that could potentially arise due to the wi-fi device in the baby crib, then you need to relax because it had all been thought out. There is a metal shield that is placed between the device and the baby to prevent these things to happen.

Below are more pictures on this fantastic contemporary baby rocking crib, brilliant!

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