Comfortable Modern Wing Chair Design with a Foot Rest



Take a look at this wonderful modern wing chair design that we recently found. This comfortable wing chair was created by Hayon Studion and is named “The Lounger.”

This wing chair is quite up-to-date with a very contemporary look. The design itself is quite unique and quite different to your normal arm chair or wing chair designs, with its more artistic and in a way robotic design.

The base design of this jazzy modern chair is someway classic with little touches which makes this wing chair design looks more modern.

This modern wing chair can be placed without to much problem in any kind of modern home interior design. The selection of different colors will provide options for you to select one that fits the most to your interior.

Despite having a very attractive looking design, this modern wing chair focuses more on its comfort side. The cushions provided here both on the back of the chair and on the arms are very soft and comforting providing you with ultimate relaxation feelings when sitting on this chair.

Besides that, this chair is also equipped with a soft foot rest that adds to elements to the chair. First in terms of design, where the wing chair looks more complete with the addition of the foot rest, secondly is of course a boost for the relaxation factor.

As mentioned before, there are five variety of colors that this wing chair has which are blue, red, white, purple, and green. This different color choices will give you wide options in choosing the most suitable chair for your home or office.

well, that is a short review on this magnificent modern wing chair, if you’re interested in purchasing this chair or if you need more information on this product, you visit their website here Hayon Studio.

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