Carpet Chair, A Unique Chair Design With Persian Carpet Pattern by Mousarris


A chair is an item that everyone has in their homes, and it would become more of a valuable item if it is a unique chair design. What makes some chairs stand out and become more special than others is indeed the design. From vintage and natural, or modern, industrial, and contemporary concepts, a design of a chair lifts the beauty and value of it.

Well if you are interested in unique design that are quite unusual and could look very strange for others, you should take a look ate this interesting concept. This a unique chair with a carpet design by Mousarris, that can make your home interior design shine even more.

The stand out point of this chair design is of course the pattern that imitates one of a carpet. It looks like a carpet shaped into a chair. A very interesting idea, and may suit many modern and artistic houses.

Carpet Chair, A Unique Chair With Carpet Design 1

Aladin’s magic carpet comes to mind when we see this very interesting unique chair design. The chair has a aerodynamics type of shape with curves forming a chair position. It is as the carpets folds and form into a chair.

The carpet pattern of the chair really adds the aesthetic element of this chair design. Not only does it have a unique shape, but the visually, the design is beautiful.

The beauty of the pattern added with the softness of the fabric used in making the rug, added with the unique wavy shaped design combines perfectly to create this piece of art.

Carpet Chair, A Unique Chair With Carpet Design 2

Moussaris, the company that designed this tremendous modern unique chair design, explained in their website that this chair has different styles and selections of Persian carpet as the base of the design.

Another thing that adds the value of this chair is that every carpet that cover the chair is handmade, and it takes four month to finish making one carpet.

The producers also stated how this chair gives us the illusion of a flying carpet.

What do you think of this unique chair design? Are you interested in getting one for you house? Well, if you are interested you need to prepare €12000 of your money as this is the price tag given for this remarkable chair design.

For more information on this unique chair design product, you can visit Moussaris’ website here.

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