Beautiful Villa Design with Pool and Near by Pond



This here could be a dream house for most of you. Yes, this summer villa is magnificent in all its beauty. Every inch of this villa just makes us envy as it’s just perfect for a summer villa with it’s beautiful green landscape surrounding it, including a near by pond which just adds the beauty of the nature around the villa.

This villa looks very modern in its design, but also proves to have a quite traditional atmosphere in its interior features.

The big trees surrounding the villa not only adds beauty to the natural views around the villa, but also as shades to block excessive sun when the weather is too hot.


Here you can see an open and spacious area where you can chill and relax with the family. There are large sofas that you can relax on, and cozy round chair as well. A fire place installment is placed right behind the furniture which could be very useful when the air starts to get cold at night.

A barbecue grill is also located next to the fire place which you can use to have nice outdoor barbecue party with friends and families.

The view from this area is also very stunning as you can see the green outdoor surroundings with its large trees and a view of the beautiful calm pond which will relax your mind.


Here is a unique outdoor dining table located next to the pool. Here you can have lunch or dinner outside the house with nice shades from a semi transparent rooftop.

The pool area is also very nice with the greenery view around it and direct sunlight if you need to get a sunbath around the pool area.

The kids can enjoy swimming while parents won’t be too far away as they can gather on the table or just chill out on the seating next to the pool.


This is the living room area of the summer villa where family members can relax, gather around and just have good time and nice chat on these comfortable red sofas.

Behind it you can see the tidy kitchen which looks very traditional with its design and color choice.

The large windows which is placed throughout the whole area helps provide the room with lots of sunlight which makes the room bright and health.


This is another view from the living room. From this point of view you can see how the living rooms looks directly to the pond outside. This view is absolutely stunning and will make you spend a lot of time in this comfortable area to have tea and relax.

The large window doors provide open air when you slide it open. It also brings sunlight in to the room. What more can you ask besides comfortable large sofas with a beautiful pond view.


The view of the pond seems to be the highlight of this summer villa, as we can see from the bedroom area as well. The bedroom area also has large window doors installed to get the  perfect view and let the sunlight in.

With a comfortable chair and bed, this are is the perfect place to rest your body. Imagine waking up in the morning with a view of green landscape and a pond, just perfect!


Even the bathroom has a door that goes strait to the outside area of the villa. When the door is opened, you can directly see the trees outside the house.

The bathroom itself is very modern with a classy wooden color theme to match the modernity of its design.


Near the pond, there is fireplace are we we can gather and have a nice time telling stories and eating marshmallows together. A very nice place to bond and get closer to your families and friends.

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