Awesome Sofa Design With Color Gradation

Gradation color sofa design

Black and White sofa with cool gradation from dark to light

If you’re looking for a dark colored sofa, then you have to check out this awesome sofa design with gradation. This cool sofa will look stunning if placed in a modern interior concept, especially if you have a black and white theme for your home interior design.

The amazing effect of the color gradation is definitely the main feature of this sofa. The designers did a fantastic job to create a design as if the sofa starts to fade out on the upper side, if you lace it in front of white wall.

This comfortable sofa will fit perfectly in most modern houses. Contemporary or industrial interior design might be a better fit for this sofa that tend to be darker.

The color gradation is made both on the sofa and on the pillows to make a beautiful unit of color contrast for the sofa. When combined together it provides the right effect to make this sofa shines in its own way.

This sofa is called the Panorama Sofa, and was design by Joao Kaarah. If you are interested in purchasing this wonderful sofa design or you want to know more information about this sofa, you can visit the designer’s website here.

cool black and white sofa with gradation effects

The gradating color stands out as the main feature of this fantastic sofa

Cool sofa design with fading out color effect

Placed in front of white wall give a cool effect as if the top of the sofa fades out


This is the side view of the sofa, still with its fading gradation effect

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