Awesome Modern House on a Steep Landscape



Check out this fantastic modern house design that is located on a very steep landscape which makes it look unique and attractive. This house is named the DLW House, and was designed by Westphal & Kosciuk Architects. 

This amazing house is located in Florianopolis, Brazil. The house is stunning as it follows the counter of the land it sits on which is a quit steep landscape.

The interior of the house is quite unique as the owners seems to remove boundaries and limitation between private areas of the house and the social areas.

The house floats above the drive way in front of it creating a stunning view of the city and the sea form its height. You can get this view from different places within the house, like the outdoor terrace and the bedroom.

The entrance of the house is located in the lower area of the house where the garage is also located. While other rooms like the kitchen, work area, is located above which are also linked with the backyard. While on the top floor you can find the master bedroom, the office, and also the guest bedroom.

If you need more information on this house, you can visit the designer’s website here: Westphal & Kosciuk Architects

Photos by André Diogo Moecke

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