30 Marble Bathroom Designs – Feel The Elegance and Luxury


When talk about marble bathroom designs, what immediately comes across our mind are the words elegance and luxury. Yes, marble is material that is quite expensive and we could say a bit royal for home interior design.

For hundreds of years people have used marble as a base material for the bathroom, not only because of its glamorous looks but also because it’s a strong material that is quite durable and can last long.

Most marble bathrooms are designed with vintage or classic styles mainly because marble have been used for decades so the classic style just fits perfectly for the material, but it could also fit in modern day designs or if we want to create some sort of hybrid between modern and classic designs.

Marble is a material that can be easily combined with wood and other types of stones as it has various colors and patterns. The use of luxurious bathroom appliance can also help balancing the atmosphere raised by the choice of using marble.

Well, here we provide you with 30 marble bathroom designs, for you to get some inspirations and idea from, enjoy!

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