10 Fresh Living Room Ideas For Your Inspiration



If you need some ideas to decorate, renovate, or simply rearrange your living room, you can check out some ideas that we gathered here in this article.

A living room is a place that seems to be an easy work around to decorate and arrange things, but in the other could be really tricky as well.

Not only does it have to support your personal taste, but it is also a place for friends and families to relax when they come by. The living room nowadays is also linked to different areas of the house like the kitchen or linked to the outside porch which makes it need to be able to blend well with other interior or exterior design of the house.

Well, here are some living room ideas which you hopefully give you some inspiration to help you with your own living room.


This living room here is quite formal with unique lamp covers and a tall book shelve. The comfortable green sofa is accompanied by two unique wooden chairs. The large windows doors provide bright sunlight to enter the living room which links directly to the outdoor area of the house.


This living room above has a more natural atmosphere with the dominant brown and wood color and patterns, from the floor, walls, and furniture, combined with black colors to add elegance to the living room design.


Wile this living room above is more light, chick, and jazzy. The type of living room that a young couple might prefer. Nothing too formal, just comfy and casual.


This living room design is for you who like modern contemporary ideas with shiny materials and fancy designs. A large modern style red clock on the walls functions not only as a clock but mainly for the contemporary decoration.


Here is a example of a living room idea for you who like industrial designs. The large clock-shaped windows stands firm in the house filled with stainless steel elements in its design.


Here is another cool and cozy living room design. Taking the natural color roots, this living room idea will remind you of cafe style concept.


This living room here is once again a more formal tidy type of living room. The wooden floor is combined perfectly with the blue navy sofa, white table, and tall windows installment.


This living room right here is located in the second floor of the house. The house design is tall and spacious, where as the living room links directly to a mezzanine balcony.


This last living room idea is mixed of vintage and modern. The modern all white design is mixed with some vintage and unique furniture.

Those are some living room ideas that you can use as an inspiration for you who are planning to build a house, do some renovation, or redecorating you living room.

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